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Compass North members organize and participate in provision of health services and research towards meeting the unmet health needs of under-served populations in Thunder Bay. Students are  under supervision of faculty at NOSM and LU who are registered health professionals and in partnership with community organisations. 


Students who participate in student-led clinics become more proficient members of interprofessional health care teams through the development of skills in communication, conflict resolution and shared decision-making, and by familiarising themselves and colleagues with the roles and responsibilities of other health providers. Fostering a sense of social accountability and awareness of disparities in health service delivery is a core value of Compass North.



Recent health promotion workshops have been conducted covering a wide range of topics such as mental health, diabetes management, healthy eating, and oral health. Other activities have included research presentations (eg., Northern Constellations, North-West MD Survival Skills conference), the Social Accountability Speaker Series, and the WellU podcast. 

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